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JCB G20QS - 26/3/24

Not only do we provide machinery through our top class hire fleet, we also support our customers with brand new machinery ordered exactly to their specification.

One of our valued customers recently ordered this 20Kva JCB generator as backup power in case of power outages which often hit the more rural areas of Cumbria.

If you ever find yourself in the market for new plant equipment why not give us a call and we can help you with your next purchase.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

Kubota KX080-5 - 25/1/24

The new year has brought about a lot of new long term opportunities to the area and this has required us to quickly expand some of our larger excavator offerings. Not long after the first of our new 8T Kubota machines another rolled in today, just long enough to be adorned with a few stickers, then straight back out to it's first hire.

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Kubota KX085-5 - 8/1/2024

Kicking off 2024 with a brand new & stunning KX085-5 to join our 8T machines in the hire fleet. We've seen a steady rise in need for the larger end of our fleet and we're more than ready to keep up with demand. The Kubota 8T range has always been a reliable and efficient option and we're pleased to continue this into the new year.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



Manitou Man'Go 12mPlatform - 19/12/23

Our access equipment has been going through a bit of a refresh and Manitou have been the way to go with this 12m access platform and our new 16m unit on the way! This 12m platform is perfect for accessing tight areas and the 230kg/2 man capacity basket offers impressive performance for such a small package.

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Develon Excavators - 1T & 4T - 18/10/23

The name may be different but the machines should be nice and familiar, our first delivery of Doosan machines since their rebrand to Develon.

We have a new DX10 1T Micro & a DX35 4T class machine ready to go at a moments notice. These follow on from the 5T, 2.5T & Micro excavators we already run from Develon, which have had nothing but positive feedback from our customer base.

We look forward to seeing what these Develon machines can do in the long term as we look to ever-improve our hire fleet and provide top class service for our fantastic customers.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



JCB 6T Swivel Dumpers - 2/6/23

6 Tonne dumpers have become one of the biggest requests for larger applications across the area such as new builds & restoration projects. Because of this demand we've gone ahead and added a couple more JCB swivel units to the fleet to keep up with all the extra work!

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Kubota U17 & U27 Excavators - 16/6/23

It's never very long between new Kubota machines, they're just too good to resist when the opportunity arises!

Brand new for the fleet this time we have a U17 1.7T & U27 2.7T to keep everything new and up to date. We like to keep new machines rotating into the hire fleet all the time to ensure you get the best possible experience whenever you hire from us.

Take a look through some of the pictures of these great bits of kit.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



Doosan DX50z - 31/3/23

Doosan machines have slowly been making their presence known within our hire fleet. We started with some smaller units like our DX10z micro diggers however have started moving up and now we have our first 5T class machine in this brand new DX50Z.

We've been nothing but impressed so far with what Doosan have to offer and so have our customers, why not try out one of our Doosan excavators on your next site?

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Portaloo & Portacabin Hire - 30/3/23

We're very excited to share our new hire opportunity with the introduction of Portaloo & Portacabin hire.

This is a first for us so we're looking forward to see how our amazing customer base responds and so far we've had great feedback which we hope can continue.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



Thwaites 3 Tonne Dumper - 24/3/23

Thwaites dumpers have been a central part of our hire fleet for many years and it's very easy to see why. User-friendly operation, easy maintenance and exceptional reliability on-site make these an obvious choice for our hire fleet.

This new 3 Tonne capacity machine is joining an already busy fleet of dumpers so we always expect our new equipment to perform right from the start.

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Kubota U27 Excavator - 23/3/23

Certainly not for the first or last time we have invested in another exceptional machine from Kubota, in this case another U27 machine to keep up with increased demand for modern, reliable machinery.

Time and time again Kubota machines have proved their worth thanks to their ease of use, reliability & outright performance.

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



JCB Tracked Dumpster - 20/1/23

It never seems very long between new deliveries of these tracked dumpsters, but that's because they're one of the most popular machines available in the hire fleet. These go hand in hand with our smaller excavators to make up an unbelievably popular hire combination, perfect for tight, enclosed spaces like gardens and difficult Lake District environments.

Easy walk-behind operation and high-lift operation for skip-loading with an impressive carrying capacity, get in touch to discuss having one of these little troopers for your next hire.

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Manitou MT733 - 11/1/23

A first for us here at Luscombe Plant Hire, our first Manitou machine has just arrived today. This 7m unit joins our existing 7m telehandler to help keep up with increased demand from our customers.

We're keen to know what you think!

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



JCB 5T Excavator -

JCB once again adding to our fleet of 5T machines with another 50z model. The 50z has proven popular with our customers and the range of attachments we have to suit them makes them a real powerhouse onsite. We have riddling buckets, breakers & a machine grab to fit these machines, so give us a call or pop over an email to discuss your next project with us!

Enquire here! - 01229 861475 / [email protected]

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Doosan DX27 -

Doosan machines have been a growing presence here in the Luscombe Plant hire yard, first with the small DX10z Micro diggers, now the DX27 joins the fleet!

2.5/3T machines are one of our most popular size classes so this machine will need to keep up with the rest and we're excited to see what it can do.

To book a machine for yourself give us a call or pop us an email to discuss your next project!

Enquire now - 01229 861475 / [email protected]



JCB 3 Tonne Dumper -

Mid-size dumpers are always in demand here at Luscombe Plant hire, so it was an easy decision to add another to the hire fleet to keep up with demand.

This JCB swivel dumper makes the most of a compact size to payload, at just 1.65m wide and with the added benefit of the swivel skip makes this dumper suitable for many applications.

Enquire here! - 3 Tonne Swivel Skip Dumper | Dumpers | Luscombe Plant Hire Ltd

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1200 Ride-On Roller - 1/2/21

We've just received yet another new machine into our yard to join our ever-expanding machinery hire fleet. This 1200mm wide twin-drum vibrating roller from Hamm is the third 1200 roller in our fleet.

Their compact size, good visibility and ease of use make them very popular in our machinery hire fleet. We also have another three smaller 800mm versions of these rollers as part of our fleet, for times when the same great performance and experience is required but on a smaller scale.

Enquire Here! - Ride-On Rollers | Compaction Machinery | Luscombe Plant Hire Ltd

Bobcat Micro Digger -

The 1 Tonne class of mini digger has always been popular for us, and these Bobcat Micro Diggers have made an excellent addition to our plant machinery fleet.

With a retracted track width of <750mm these machines can access tight areas such as gardens & through doorways that you may normally be forced to dig manually, the zero tail-swing also gives them great manoeuvrability.

Since adding these machines to our machinery hire fleet we've been receiving great feedback from our customers on just how useful and easy to use they've been, which is no surprise as they are one of our most popular hires not just for commercial use but also private projects.

Enquire here! - 1 Tonne Micro digger | Plant Hire | Luscombe Plant Hire Ltd

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Access Platforms & Cherry Pickers -

The past few months have seen some big changes to our access plant machinery. We have extended our range to now include not only another 12m self propelled unit, but also a larger 17m machine.

The new 12m unit is the NiftyLift HR12 4x4, with heavy duty wheels which offer superior performance when using away from tarmac & roads. Similarly the new 17m access platform is also a 4x4 variant however this model is not only much larger in terms of vertical/horizontal reach, it also features additional movement on the basket. This means that not only can the basket angle be adjusted horizontally for better access to hard to reach areas, the furthest section of the boom can be adjust up and down to help reach over tougher areas.

Enquire Here! - Access Equipment | Luscombe Plant Hire Ltd

3/4 Tracked High Light Dumper -

With another of these JCB HTD5 high-lift dumpsters arriving to join our plant machinery fleet, it's easy to see why these machines are so popular for tighter access work where a ride-on dumper may not fit. Often paired with one of our 1 Tonne Micro Diggers, these machines make light work of whatever is thrown at them.

With a 1.45m tip height and a width of 690mm these walk-behind dumpsters are small yet versatile, perfect for not just trade/commercial work but also small projects like garden landscaping.

Enquire Here! - 3/4 Tonne Tracked High-Lift Dumper | Dumpers | Luscombe Plant Hire Ltd

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110v Brick Saw Bench -

A great new additional to our smaller tool/plant machinery fleet, this 110v Altrad-Belle bench saw has been highly requested by many of our customers so was an easy choice. This version has a maximum of 650mm long cutting for easy & precise cutting of larger slabs & panels.

The side mounted cutting arm and blade gives "straight through" cutting capacity for long materials. In addition the 110v version has a blade speed of 3000rpm and can be powered through a regular 5KVA transformer. The built-in electric sub-pump also allows for dust suppression and dust free cutting.

New Kubota Machinery -

Kubota have been a staple of our hire fleet for many years now and for good reason. Their exceptional performance, reliability & versatility make them a big hit for our customer base. With a wide range of models from 1 up to 8 Tonne we have a Kubota excavator to suit a huge variety of applications. In the past year we've been happy to receive numerous new Kubota excavators from our supplier, P V Dobson & Sons, from smaller units like the U17 up to larger machines like the U48.

It's not just our customers who have taken notice of the positive results of these machines, we've recently been featured by many online newsletters and blogs with a small article talking about our new Kubota machinery, you can read more on this article here - Luscombe Plant Hire increases Kubota range (

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